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Business 101 Instructions

Navigation (these items are editable using FrontPage navigation -- click here to learn about FrontPage navigation):
To edit these buttons you will need to modify the FrontPage navigation.

Navigation (these items are Swish buttons which require Swish 2.0 to be modified -- click here to get a 15 day trial of Swish 2):
To edit these buttons you will need the "icons.swi" Swish file -- click here to find out how to get this file.  Tutorial also available from i3dTHEMES.com

Text - in Swish (these areas are updatable by editing text in Swish Files):
To edit this sort of text, you will need to edit the "header.swi" Swish file (for the template pages) and edit the "home-images.swi" Swish file (index.htm) page. -- click here to find out how to get this file. Tutorial also available at i3dTHEMES.com


Template pages include the 'header.swf' file, which is editable in Swish, using the 'header.swi' file, found in the @editables folder of your website.
You can edit the existing text, add or delete.

To remove the tag lines from all pages, just delete the 'header.swf' file from the page, or from the site.


This is the 'home-images.swf file, which can be edited using Swish or Swishmax, editing the 'home-images.swi' file located in the @editables folder of this website.


To edit this file you will need the blank "image.jpg" file -- click here to find out how to get this file.  You will need a graphic editor to add your own logo.  If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, we offer this as a complementary service included with your purchase. 


this is the 'intro-logo.jpg' located in the images folder

a blank background image can be found in the @editables file.



Import the blank image into your favorite graphic editor, or simply copy the blank image files into the images folder to over write the existing "Company Name' and background. You can then type directly onto this background image, or drag your own logo image into the cell.

this is the h1.jpg, located in the images folder


Removing the Flash Intro
1) make sure you shut down and restart FrontPage (important for various reasons)

2) open up the home.htm page

3) go to your File menu and select Save As -- save as "index.htm"
4) delete your home.htm page
5) do a broken link check for "home.htm" and replace all links with "index.htm"


Changing the images in the flash


1. Create new website from template

2. Create a new blank page

3. open the Flash Folder

4. Drag the following images onto the new page
>> right click on each image
>> select edit with
>> select your favorite graphics editor from the list (you may need to download a graphic editor if you do not have a program installed on your PC)


Drag or import new images over the existing, resize, then save the image
Check on the new page, ensure image is updated.

5. Repeat for the following images in the flash folder