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If you are editing this website with FrontPage, we have made step by step tutorials available so that you can learn how to use FP to build your website. 

We STRONGLY suggest taking a look at these tutorials to answer you questions of 'how can I...' before giving us a call.  We are happy to answer your questions, but if we feel that the answer to your question can be answered by the tutorials we will direct you back to them.  If you would like personal coaching with any of the tools that are used to edit your website we are happy to help; phone calls of a "coaching" nature are billed to your account at $1/minute.

General FrontPage Tutorials:

Information about setting up pages in this website:

Template Specific VIDEO tutorials

If your website contains them, there may be tutorials to edit "special" elements of this website (specifically flash elements) on our tutorials page at www.i3dthemes.com/tutorials.  These tutorials will take you STEP by STEP through the process of how to update your special website files.  We would rather teach you how to fish than fish for you, but if you're all tuckered out we would be happy to cook up that a succulent meal of custom work for a respectable fee.  (see following section)

We also have a TEMPLATE SPECIFIC basic instructional page to point you in the right direction.